MARCH 2015

"Airman's Tintypes Evoke 'Humanity' of Troops, Vets" at Air Force Times.

"Stunning Images of U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan Captured Using Civil War-style Tintype" at The Roosevelts.


Ed in a special art section, "Saying Our Share: Surviving the Missions," in Volume 28, No. 2 (Winter 2014-15) of News from Native California.

"Photographer Uses Vintage Technique To Capture Modern Warfare" at Task & Purpose.


"Ed Drew – Afghanistan, Combat Zone Tintypes" at PhotoWeenie.


Ed included in "How the Past Shapes Modern Photography" at Time Magazine's LightBox Blog.

JULY 2014

An in-studio CBS SF Bay Area video interview, "Black Renaissance: Ed Drew," at CBS SF Bay Area's YouTube Channel.

JUNE 2014

"First Known Tintypes Created in Wartime Since the American Civil War" at Fotografia.

"Ed Drew Captures the Reflections of War in His Tintype Photographs" at The Phoblographer.

MAY 2014

"Soldier Shoots Modern Portraits with Civil War Tech" at Cameras.

"Soldier Documents Experience in Afghanistan in Tintype Photographs": a video segment of Ed's tintype process which aired nationally on PBS at PBS NewsHour.

"A Record of His Passing": an article on Ed's newest work with the Garden Project at San Francisco Magazine.

"A Photographer on a Mission": a video segment on Ed's Afghanistan tintypes and his current work (beginning at the 17-minute mark) at KQED Newsroom.

"Forward into the Past": a feature-length interview with Ed in issue 43 of PH Magazine at PH Magazine.

MARCH 2014

"Photographer on a Mission Uses 19th-Century Technique to Make Timeless Images" at KQED Spark.


"Modern War Through an Antique Lens" at Parade Magazine.


"Through the Gunner's Lens": Ed featured as part of The Hero Project at The Daily Beast.

"The Timeless Art of War" at The Mountain View Voice.

Watch Ed in a segment on the November 1st episode of Today's Air Force on AFBlueTube's YouTube channel.


Ed is the cover story of the July/August 2013 issue of View Camera Magazine.

"Through the Lens of an Airman: Tintype in Afghanistan" on AFBlueTube's YouTube channel.


"Creating Tintypes in a War Zone: Interview with Photographer Ed Drew" in Apogee Photo Magazine.

Watch Ed discuss his work for a piece on Travis Air Force Base TV at the Travis Afb YouTube channel.

Watch a segment on Ed's process that aired on the Australian news, tech, & culture show, The Feed.

"Deployed Artist Only Get One Shot" cover story for the Sept 20th issue of the Air Force's magazine at Tailwind.

Humanizing Process: An Interview with Ed Drew at Moholy Ground Magazine.

Ed chosen by the editors for PDN Photo of the Day at Photo District News.

Video of Ed appearing on the CBS Evening News.


Watch Ed show his images while discussing the connection between art and combat at NowThis News.

Listen to Ed discuss his work with Robin Young on WBUR and NPR in Boston on Here & Now.

"Off the Wall: Ed Drew" in Issue III of the World Photography Organisation's The Magazine.

Ed interviewed for the online French photography magazine Actuphoto.

JULY 2013

"Brooklyn-Born Photographer Creates Civil War-Era Tintype Portraits in Afghanistan" at the New York Daily News.

"Photographer Uses Civil War Era Technique in Afghanistan" at PRI's The World.

"Ed Drew's Afghanistan: The First Wet-Plate Conflict Photos in 150 Years" at The Guardian.

Ed featured in a collection of the best photojournalism on the web, July 2013, curated by TIME's Associate Photo Editor, Mikko Takkunen, at TIME Magazine's Lightbox Blog.

"Modern Warfare, Old Camera: Soldier Documented Afghanistan" at the Czech Republic newspaper, Dnes (Today).

"Photographer-Soldier Used Civil War-Era Technique to Document Troops in Afghanistan" at Yahoo! News.

"Life on the Battlefield: A U.S. Air Force Gunner's Incredible Tintype Photos of Fellow Soldiers Fighting in Afghanistan" at the Daily Mail.

"These Are the First Combat Zone Tintype Photos Created Since the Civil War" at PetaPixel.

"Ed Drew's Wartime Tintypes From Afghanistan" at Fstoppers.

JUNE 2013

Ed profiled by Elissa Curtis in The New Yorker.